Our Mission

The Episcopal Diocese of Georgia Retreat Center is located on Honey Creek in Camden County, Georgia. Serving as Holy Ground for the Diocese of Georgia and known to most simply as “Honey Creek,” or “The Creek.” The camp and retreat center are also its spiritual hub.

While functioning as the parish hall for the diocese, the Honey Creek mission is to serve as a spiritual home for ministries, groups, families, and congregations seeking to disconnect from the distractions of daily life and work. More than stunning views, it’s sanctuary and a holy space for time apart from the day-to-day challenges we all face to encounter God in a meaningful way. 

The value of space long saturated in prayer adds to the scenic beauty by offering transcendence, something beyond what we see and hear and smell, and we know that something more to be the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Honey Creek is also utilized by individual congregations, families, church groups from various denominations, and other non-profit and business organizations. For a list of upcoming events and to register, please visit our events page.

(See our campus section for more information.)