The Secret of Happiness Summit / How to Find Joy and Live Your Best Life

The Secret of Happiness Summit / How to Find Joy and Live Your Best Life
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  • Event Start DateFebruary 13, 2018

Treat yourself to Valentine’s Day to a special one-day event that will nourish all your relationships, especially the most important one-with yourself.  Hosted by Dr. Cynthia Clayton, previous Oregon college professor, and facilitator for UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center course, “The Science of Happiness.”
These are the jewels and practices from her extremely popular classes.  New scientific discoveries.  Solutions and techniques.  Includes an afternoon of contemplative silence to wander the sacred 100-acre preserve of Honey Creek.

1. Take ownership of your happiness.  Question your thoughts.  How to change your attitude.  Focus on solutions.  Simple solutions to stop worrying.
2.  Let love lead.  Look for the lesson and the gift.  Power of the heart (Heart Math).  Did you know gratitude, forgiveness, and loving kindness change your brain?
3.  Contribute to something greater than yourself.  Live a life inspired by purpose (meaning), engagement (flow state) and absorption (the now).
4.  Invite Grace.  Connect with your Higher Power.  Surrender to “The Trust Frequency”.Materials Supplied Include
7 Strategies to Control Your Thoughts (And Not the Other Way Around!)
How to Stop Worrying: 9 Simple Habits
How to Train Your Brain to Be Happy (different than fighting your brain)
And in honor of Valentine’s Day, Learning to Love Yourself. (True love is accepting yourself exactly as you are, and loving yourself enough to do the work.)

Don’t forget to bring your bagged lunch.

 Cost is $40.
Seating is limited.
Pre-registration is required.
Question? contact Karima Clayton,